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At Inference Analytics, we are mimicking how the human brain understands language to extract critical insights

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Use Case Specific LLM Models

Inference Analytics has been working on custom Large Language Model concepts for several years. We have created optimal frameworks that are use case specific

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Healthcare Corpus

Inference Analytics has created a rich corpus of healthcare documentation based on key partnerships it has created over the years with premier institutions and practices

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Inference Engine

The Inference Engine enforces guardrails, preventing clinically unacceptable responses and adding contextual data based on institutional and user specific guidelines 

Radiology Solutions

Inference Analytics solutions have has been trained to assist in critical workflows for Radiology


Radiology Solutions

IA 3.0 - Report Generation

The radiology dictation platform is an AI-based system that has been developed from scratch, incorporating Generative AI, clinical guidelines, and usability enhancements to improve the quality of radiology reports while reducing burnout. The platform boasts multiple Generative AI features that have undergone rigorous testing and validation over several years. To ensure accuracy, the system has key guardrails in place that prevent errors. Some of the essential features of the platform include:

  • Auto-Impression

  • Auto-Structuring

  • Auto-followup detection

  • Value-Based Care linkage

By utilizing this cutting-edge platform that isn't reliant on outdated dictation tools, radiologists have doubled their productivity. If you're interested in seeing firsthand how IA 3.0 is transforming radiology workflows, consider scheduling a demo.

IA Auto-Structuring

Our cutting-edge technology utilizes proprietary structuring schemes to annotate images through reports. By processing report text using our advanced deep learning language models, our platform can create annotations based on a deep semantic understanding of each report. These annotations have a transformative impact on AI model scalability, clinical research, and overall clinical care. Plus, our system can turn reports into structured schemas in real-time or in bulk, making it easier and more efficient to manage and analyze medical data. we believe this is the future of medical imaging technology! Key features include:

  • Complete Semantic structuring 

  • Comprehensive linkage to standard ontologies

  • Real-time and batch structuring capabilities

Semantic Search

Semantic Search

Inference Analytics Offers New Approach to Searches:

Standard Search A lexical search engine employing our word embedding model, and using our narrative cloud, that uses synonyms and related terminology to provide targeted reference materials

Research Search This is Semantic Search and is based on our proprietary ability to conceptualize text. This allows data searches, such as "Are there geographic variations in the rate of COVID-19 spread?". Results highlight the articles that relate to this question, without requiring specific, structured search terms

Revenue Manager
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Revenue Manager

IANN at work to support Revenue Cycle Management

IANN has been trained to work within the revenue cycle management processes

Identifies appropriate ICD-10 codes by analyzing EMR information

Facilitates  the revenue cycle process, reducing claims rejections, need for resubmission and lag time until payment

Enhances compliance with federal billing regulations

Readmission Risk Assistant

Readmission Risk Assistant

IANN has been trained to reduce the risk of readmission based on EMR data

Readmission of a patient within 30 days of discharge can result in penalties to the care provider

Understands narratives and unstructured information in notes to predict the risk of readmission with greater than 80% accuracy in testing performed 

Guides optimal care and planning through application of this risk prediction algorithm during hospitalization 

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