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IANN has been trained to understand reporting so that radiologists can do the following:

Integrate directly into the PowerScribe platform

through our partnership with Nuance

Reduce time spent on each report by over 20%

by utilizing the tailored impressions for dictation

Be informed of the the highlighted errors such as

laterality and gender mismatches that IANN makes 

Auto-Impression Assistant

Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 10.44.39

Radiology Analytic Assistant


IANN has been trained to structure reports, allowing users to perform

analytics on vast volumes of unstructured data 

  • Improves billing efficiency

  • Uncovers unexpected or acute findings for communication

  • Tracks radiologists recommendations for follow up

Radiology Protocol Assistant


IANN has been trained to suggest protocols for each upcoming

radiology study, based upon reason for the exam derived from the EMR

  • Proctocoling is time intensive, but necessary for exam

       appropriateness, patient safety and billing compliance

  • Radiologists can reduce time spent on protocoling by

       over 80%, focusing only on the cases that are more complex

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