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Readmission Risk Assistant: IANN has been trained to highlight the risk of readmission based on EMR data

  • Readmission of a patient within 30 days of discharge can result in penalties to the care provider

  • IANN has been trained to understand narratives and unstructured information in notes in order to predict the risk of readmission with greater than 80% accuracy 

  • Application of this risk prediction algorithm during hospitalization guides optimal care and planning


Adverse Events Assistant: IANN has been trained to highlight Adverse Events in Clinical Notes 


  • Clinically , this allows optimal adverse event reporting, review and future prevention 

  • Adverse event reporting is essential in clinical trials.  Failure to report adverse events is considered an investigator deficiency and inadequate subject protection by the FDA

  • IANN has been trained to highlight key adverse events insuring all relevant and important information related to the trial is clearly available to the Clinical Research Organization for reporting

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