At Inference Analytics, we are mimicking how the human brain understands language to extract critical insights 

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Inference Analytics Joins Nuance AI Marketplace

Inference Analytics Neural-Network (IANN) Auto-Impression Assistant is now available on the Nuance® AI Marketplace.  At RSNA 2020 the company launched the solution through a Beta program for Radiologists.

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Despite the focus on EMRs in today's healthcare environment, much of the value of unstructured narratives and text remains untapped 

Throughout our portfolio, we offer:

Enhanced Productivity

Radiologists were able to
reduce time spent by 20%
on each report using IANN in

our most recent clinical study.

Improvements in Quality

IANN helps clinicians avoid
errors and mistakes, including
catching a laterality error and
much more. In all cases, 
quality of care should improve.

Reduced Physician Burnout

IANN Products improve
physician efficiency on administering
to their EHR to help restore balance
and to help Physicians get back to
serving patients more quickly.


Radiology Reports

Auto-Impression Assistant impression capabilities enable

radiologists to complete cases 20% faster, reducing

radiologist workload and stress



Clinical Notes Insights and Follow Up Tracking

Note-IANN neural network self-directs learning, driving deeper insights from clinical notes well beyond

the capability of traditional NLPs


COVID-19 Search Engine

Cov-IANN classifies every published COVID-19 journal article based on complete semantic content and

not simply key words or titles



CDI and Revenue Cycle Management

Rev-IANN neural network facilitates extraction of a patient’s

clinical status from notes and translates into coded data


Hear from our leadership team to learn more about Inference Analytics

View a demonstration of
IANN technology at work

Selected to join
NVIDIA Inception
Incubator for AI

2nd Place in the

AMIA Pitch IT 2019

IANN is live at
Amazon Marketplace,
selected to AWS
Activate Accelerator

Member of the
startup showcase at
SIIM 2019

Chosen to present on
quality improvements
with the University of

Partnering with Nuance  to improve the radiologist's workflow 

performance validated
and published by a
premier Academic
institution at over 90%

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