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Description of the company technology and benefits

Our transformational AI platform empowers physicians to optimize their workflow, eliminate diagnostic errors, and prevent burnout.

News and Resources

New Product Launch

Inference Analytics launches IA 3.0, the first complete generative AI based dictation system for radiologists


Despite the focus on EMRs in today's healthcare environment, much of the value of unstructured narratives, text, and images remain untapped 

Key Benefits

Enhanced Productivity

Our Generative AI-based features help providers increase their productivity by streamlining their work processes and reducing the time required for each case by 50% or more. Now they can complete more work in a shorter amount of time.

Improvements in Quality

Our AI platform helps healthcare professionals provide higher quality of care by taking over the burden of remembering key details, citations, and follow-up information, ensuring that nothing is overlooked.

Reduced Physician Burnout

Our AI platform alleviates burnout among providers by serving as a personal assistant that shadows their work. This enables providers to avoid repetitive tasks such as restating observations and ensures that all relevant information is accurately recorded. 

Hear from our leadership team to learn more about Inference Analytics

View a demonstration of
our Generative AI Platform at work


Selected to join
NVIDIA Inception
Incubator for AI

Ranked one of the Top Machine Learning Companies and Startups in 2021 for Illinois

2nd Place in the

AMIA Pitch IT 2019

IANN is live at
Amazon Marketplace,
selected to AWS
Activate Accelerator

Selected to the top 100 innovators list in Chicago by Chicago Innovation

Chosen to present on
quality improvements
with the University of

Partnering with Nuance  to improve the radiologist's workflow 


performance validated
and published by a
premier Academic
institution at over 90%

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